Author : Max M. Houck | Frank Crispino | Terry McAdam

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Main Material: Hardback

Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc

ISBN: 9780123864642

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Published: 6-Jul-2012

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The Science of Crime Scenes addresses the science of crime scene investigation and processing, including the latest methods and technologies. This book covers the philosophy of crime scenes as historical events, the personnel involved at a scene (including the media), the detection of criminal traces and their reconstruction, and special crime scenes, such as mass disasters and terrorist events. Written by an international trio of authors with decades of crime scene experience, it is the next generation of crime scene textbooks.

The book provides in-depth coverage of disasters and mass murder, terror crime scenes, and CBRN (chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear) - topics not covered in any other text. It includes an instructor website with lecture slides, test bank, outlines, definitions, and activities, along with a student companion site with an image collection. This text will be of interest to advanced undergraduate and graduate students in forensic science programs, as well as to forensic practitioners and crime scene technicians.

ISBN No : 9780123864642

Publisher : Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc

Main Material : Hardback

  • Classifications: Forensic science,
  • Readership:Tertiary Education (US: College)
  • Format: Hardback 400 pages, Approx. 100 illustrations (50 in full color); Illustrations, unspecified

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