Author : Marc Mancini

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Main Material: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Cengage Learning, Inc

ISBN: 9781435485815

EAN/UPC/ISBN: 9781435485815

Published: 4-Dec-2008

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SELLING DESTINATIONS, International Edition has been the travel professional's definitive guide to matching travelers with the destinations that are most appropriate for them. Informative and tightly organized, the book is a visual encyclopedia, with hundreds of maps, charts, and other illustrative materials. Detailed information on attractions, climate, lodging, and cultural patterns as well as sample itineraries and profiles of typical visitors to each destination round out the coverage.

New To This Edition: Fully updated and expanded information on climate, modes of travel, local customs, lodging, itineraries, major attractions, and, of course, sales strategies.

ISBN No : 9781435485815

Publisher : Cengage Learning, Inc

Main Material : Paperback / softback

  • Classifications: Travel & holiday
  • Readership:Professional & Vocational
  • Format: Paperback / softback 584 pages

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