Author : Sandy Doell

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Main Material: Paperback

Publisher: Cengage Learning, Inc

ISBN: 9781598634396

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Published: 14-Dec-2007

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Every couple has a unique vision of their perfect wedding, whether they picture a traditional church wedding with all the trimmings or a simple civil ceremony with celebratory drinks and dinner afterward. Keeping in mind that not all brides and bridegrooms share the same idea of the elements that will make their special day both wonderful and truly theirs, "Picture Yourself Planning Your Perfect Wedding: Step-by-Step Instruction for Planning, Organizing, and Personalizing Your Wedding" is a hands-on guide to creating your perfect wedding. Offering helpful, how-to tips and guidelines on everything from the proposal right through to the last dance, the book features useful information for everyone involved in (and paying for!) the wedding.

Enhanced by hundreds of beautiful, full-color photos and profiles of real brides, grooms, and family members, the book provides inspiration and advice for weddings of all cultures, religions, and budgets. Along with interesting historical and cultural facts on why we follow certain wedding traditions, you will learn the details of how to plan the perfect wedding for you, including how to choose a ceremony and reception site that matches the tone you want to set; how to select a dress that fits your style and your figure; best bets and advice for working with vendors such as florists, videographers, and caterers; registry tips; merging your finances and other legal considerations; and checklists to help you stay organized each step of the way. So gather up all your wedding ideas and wishes and get ready to "Picture YourselfPlanning Your Perfect Wedding."

ISBN No : 9781598634396

Publisher : Cengage Learning, Inc

Main Material : Paperback

  • Classifications: Careers guidance
  • Readership:Professional & Vocational
  • Format: Paperback 320 pages, colour illustrations

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