Author : Jacques Barzun | Henry F. Graff

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Main Material: Paperback

Publisher: Cengage Learning, Inc

ISBN: 9780495318705

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Published: 7-Nov-2003

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This classic introduction to the techniques of research and the art of expression is used widely in history courses, but is also appropriate for writing and research methods courses in other departments. Barzun and Graff thoroughly cover every aspect of research, from the selection of a topic through the gathering, analysis, writing, revision, and publication of findings presenting the process not as a set of rules but through actual cases that put the subtleties of research in a useful context. Part One covers the principles and methods of research; Part Two covers writing, speaking, and getting one's work published.

ISBN No : 9780495318705

Publisher : Cengage Learning, Inc

Main Material : Paperback

  • Classifications: History
  • Readership:Professional & Vocational
  • Format: Paperback 336 pages, illustrations

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