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Main Material: Paperback

Publisher: Pearson Education Limited

ISBN: 9789966640802

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Longhorn CRE Activities for Pre-Primary I Teacher's Guide is a unique book specifically designed to guide pre-primary level teachers to implement the new competency-based curriculum for pre-primary CRE Activities education.

The book:

• provides clearly stated specific learning outcomes at the start of each sub-strand;

• presents the suggested learning experiences in six areas: introduction of the sub-strand, whole class activities, small group activities, learner's book activities, conclusion and suggested assessment;

• provides hints on how to link CRE Activities to other activity areas;

• guides the teacher on how to help learners to develop the core competences, build pertinent and contemporary issues and acquire values;

• provides useful guidelines in content interpretation and application to make learning of CRE Activities interesting and enjoyable;

• enhances learning of CRE Activities through suggested teaching and learning activities and resources;

• provides the necessary hints on how to handle children with special needs;

• provides guidance in evaluation of learners through the suggested assessment rubrics.

ISBN No : 9789966640802

Publisher : Pearson Education Limited

Main Material : Paperback

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