Author : David Waugh | Tony Bushell

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Main Material: Paperback

Publisher: Nelson Thornes Ltd

ISBN: 9780748754397

EAN/UPC/ISBN: 9780748754397

Published: 1-Aug-2000

Size: 276 x 220 (mm)

Weight: 420g

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The new UK section is based on a similar format to the original series ensuring pupils will find the text easy to follow. New text and statistics will provide pupils with up-to-date place based materials. It features an updated Teachers Resource Guide with full UK section.

It features a new dedicated website with support material, relevant links and activities.

ISBN No : 9780748754397

Publisher : Nelson Thornes Ltd

Main Material : Paperback

  • Classifications: For National Curriculum Key Stage 3,
  • Readership:Primary & Secondary Education
  • Format: Paperback 136 pages, glossary

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