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Main Material: Hardback

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd

ISBN: 9781420089073


Published: 13 Oct 2009

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It is hard to imagine an area of study or a discipline in which a basic knowledge of the issues would not be beneficial, since environmental concerns are very much in the public consciousness. Written at a level that is accessible to students in all disciplines, Introduction to Environmental Management translates complex environmental issues into understandable terms. This book gives students and practitioners an understanding of regulations, pollutants, and waste management that they can take into whatever field or business they pursue.

Sections include:Overview - introduces environmental issues, regulations, and types of pollutantsAir - covers issues related to air pollution, including how air pollution can be controlled and the quality of indoor air Water - discusses the problems of pollution in water and methods to control itSolid Waste - examines the different types of solid waste, such as hazardous, medical, and nuclear, as well as treatment techniques for each Pollution Prevention - focuses on pollution prevention in areas such as health, safety, and accident prevention; energy conservation; and waste reductionRisk - examines how environmental risks are perceived and communicated, and how individuals can be educated about themOther Areas of Interest - includes coverage of electromagnetic fields, environmental implications of nanotechnology, and ethical issues as they relate to the environmentA complete teaching tool, this book offers a combination of insightful coverage, concise language, and convenient pedagogical features.

ISBN No : 9781420089073

Publisher : Taylor & Francis Ltd

Main Material : Hardback

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