Author : Heidi Mandanis Schooner | Michael W. Taylor

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Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc

ISBN: 9780126410037

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Published: 22-Oct-2009

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Global Bank Regulation: Principles and Policies covers the global regulation of financial institutions. It integrates theories, history, and policy debates, thereby providing a strategic approach to understanding global policy principles and banking. The book features definitions of the policy principles of capital regularization, the main justifications for prudent regulation of banks, the characteristics of tools used regulate firms that operate across all time zones, and a discussion regarding the 2007-2009 financial crises and the generation of international standards of financial institution regulation.

The first four chapters of the book offer justification for the strict regulation of banks and discuss the importance of financial safety. The next chapters describe in greater detail the main policy networks and standard setting bodies responsible for policy development. They also provide information about bank licensing requirements, leading jurisdictions, and bank ownership and affiliations.

The last three chapters of the book present a thorough examination of bank capital regulation, which is one of the most important areas in international banking. The text aims to provide information to all economics students, as well as non-experts and experts interested in the history, policy development, and theory of international banking regulation.

ISBN No : 9780126410037

Publisher : Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc

Main Material : Hardback

  • Classifications: c 2000 to c 2010,
  • Readership:Professional & Vocational
  • Format: Hardback 352 pages

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